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Commander BVBA has over a decade of experience. Bart Dirkx, manager, professional installer and qualified plumber, placed his first device in 1996. Meanwhile, thousands of waste pulverisers have been installed in Belgium and abroad. He installs everything himself which is why he knows all the tricks of the trade.



The food waste disposer has now developed into an indispensable element in the kitchen. It prevents leaking dustbins, absorbs all nasty odours, avoids a lot of cleaning, provides proper hygiene in all seasons and keeps all vermin far away. Indispensable and important elements in the place where our food is prepared with care and attention every day. In addition, the device saves the use of bin bags in the short term and neighbours don’t need to be asked to put out the rubbish on the right day if you are going on holiday two days later than the day of municipal waste collection.


No more extra bags in dustbins to prevent unpleasant odours: fish bones, meat waste, etc. disappear in no time. Enjoy a fresh fruit salad or smoothie: with the waste pulveriser, pits and peel are rinsed away in a jiffy and you can enjoy the smell of fresh fruit in the kitchen. Potatoes peeled and vegetables prepared? Everyone’s finished eating and some chicken bones and mayonnaise are left on the plates? Another cup of coffee or tea for friends or just for yourself for breakfast? All biodegradable waste - fruit, veg, meat or fish waste including fish bones and other small bones, remnants of sauce, coffee or tea filters– are easily removed by the kitchen waste grinder and good riddance.

Commander, market leader in distributing and placing kitchen food waste disposers
Commander Testimonial

"The installation of my kitchen waste grinder went very smoothly and professionally. Thank you!"

- Liesbeth Rutgers

Commander Testimonial

"I still wonder every day why I didn’t have a kitchen waste grinder installed sooner. A great product!"

- Wim Vermeulen

Commander Testimonial

"Since I started using my kitchen waste grinder I am no longer bothered by annoying cats scratching open my dustbin bag."

- Sophie Kelders

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