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The device can always be placed irrespective of the size, age or type of kitchen and the type of connection to the sewer or cesspit. Delivery is free in Belgium and Luxembourg, but devices have also been installed in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Germany*.

What is taken into account during placement?


Diameter drain hole

In new kitchens the standard inlet filter is usually used (mention size of drain hole). Manufacturers never make an exception to this rule.


If the drain hole is a little older, it is adapted by the installer. The sink may consist of stainless steel, enamel, stone, marble, etc. The installer always has the necessary material on hand to make the adaptations.

Connectivity to the electricity grid

Electricity is taken from a nearby socket. If there is a dishwasher, it is connected to this and the electricity is shared without loss of current.


Place and type of switch of the device (standard or air pressure)

It's up to you...


Advantages of an air pressure switch:

- hygienic

- child-friendly

- included in the kitchen invisibly 

no danger of electrocution


Advantages of the standard switch:

- cheap

- is usually incorporated in the cupboard underneath 

Particularities when placing in a new kitchen.


Ideally, the following is always taken into account:

- Diameter drain hole: 10 cm

- Diameter outlet pipes: 30 or 40 mm

- Electricity provision

Particularities when placing in an existing kitchen.


It’s possible that the diameter of the drain hole is smaller than the common standard. No problem! Our team always has the necessary professional equipment on hand to make the necessary adaptations regardless of the sink’s material (enamel, stainless steel, stone, etc.).

Renting or moving.


If you move, the device can easily be disconnected and moved to your new home with you. A new inlet filter is placed where the device was so the next residents can simply continue to use their sinks as they are used to.













*A supplement applies for installation abroad

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